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Botox Newport Beach

Botox Newport Beach Orange CountyLa Boutique Aesthetic Clinic in conjunction with Newport Plastic offer Botox injections also known as Botulism Toxin Fillers, the fastest growing cosmetic procedure.

Botox is a simple procedure in which Dr. Seify carefully injects a low dose of the toxin into an individual’s facial muscles, causing temporary relaxation of the injected muscles. It involves administering injections directly into the muscles that which causes facial lines and wrinkles and will completely smooth the appearance of skin treated.

Ideal candidates for Botox injections are young to middle aged men and women, usually between 35 to 60, who are not candidates for more aggressive procedures, but want to eliminate lines and wrinkles on their face and neck.

Botox Recovery

There is little or no recovery time after undergoing Botox Injection. You can resume your normal activities immediately. Any discomfort, bruising or swelling can be treated with mild over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen. Call La Boutique immediately if you experience any severe pain or symptoms that are progressive or seem unusual to you.

How much does it cost?

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